Vipertek Handcuffs Review

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Quick Overview



  • Reliable security
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Sleek and stylish color
  • Smooth action
  • Feel solid


  • Not all standard handcuff keys fit(!)
  • Lacking heavy-duty features
  • Low-quality pawl

It is challenging to find a Vipertek Handcuffs review since they are a relatively new brand.

What I found out, though, is that law enforcement officers who prefer working with more modern brands will like Vipertek’s cuff types.

Are they really worth it?

With the help of Vipertek handcuff reviews, such as this one, you can get a good idea as to whether they are as good as some say.


Vipertek Handcuffs Review

The Vipertek Double-Lock Steel Police Edition Handcuffs take the guesswork out of restraining suspects.

They boast several features that make them a reliable choice for police, security guards, and even military police.

I have found that they are my favorite pairs to keep as a backup for arrests due to their impressive quality.

If you are a fan of chained cuffs, these are a great addition to your collection, thanks to their resilience.

There are plenty of features you would expect to find in cuffs with a significantly higher price tag.

They also feature the spectacular classic nickel-coated finish that asserts a feeling of authority.

I have noted a significant number of advantages these cuffs have over others at the same price.

For example, the Vipertek cuffs have a double lock with a high-quality coated finish.

I also love the steel construction that adds to the durability of the cuffs over time.

Overall, they wouldn’t replace some of my heavy-duty cuffs for everyday use but are a great backup.

Who Are These Handcuffs Meant For?

With their build quality, it is easy to see how these handcuffs are designed for law enforcement officers.

However, they are highly adaptable, which makes them useful for many professionals.

With their police-grade features, they are ideal for private investigators, military police, and security personnel.

They are a beneficial upgrade for anyone interested in transitioning from hinged to chained handcuffs.

Chained handcuffs can often be preferred, as they help to reduce the likelihood of injury.

These cuffs don’t offer a significant amount of mobility, but they have a little more flexibility than others.

One of my favorite features that makes these adaptable to everyday use is their double lock mechanism.

Similar to some of my other high-end cuffs, this helps to prevent independent ratcheting.

I had experienced cuffs that were far too easy for suspects to adjust on their own in the past.

Once secured, I can engage the double lock, which prevents detainees from tightening their cuffs.

This process helps ensure I don’t have to continually readjust the cuffs, making transport much simpler.

Also, I find their steel frame gives me the peace of mind I need when dealing with non-compliant subjects.

These Vipertek cuffs offer the same stability I would expect from mid-tier cuffs.

They are not ideal for heavy-duty arrests, but they are notable for efficiency.

However, it is essential to note that these are not to be used as toys and can cause significant injury.

What’s Included?

One of the things that I love the most about these cuffs is that they are straight to the point.

There aren’t any accessories or gimmicks included, only the cuffs and its two keys.

Once you oil them and clean them, they will be ready to use straight away.

I appreciate the two keys included with the cuffs, as I never have to worry about losing my keys and having to break the cuffs.

They are standard-issue police cuff keys, which means they could work with other pairs from different brands.

Peerless and Smith & Wesson are your best bets for finding universal keys, which are great to pair with these.

Overview of the Features

As a law enforcement officer, you must have a high-quality pair of cuffs at your disposal.

Not only is it necessary for your safety but the security of your subject, as well.

Here’s how these cuffs are an excellent addition to your arsenal:

  • Welded Chain Links

One of the primary concerns some have with chained cuffs is that the cuffs are secured by thin chains.

Fortunately, the chain links in these are made from the same high-grade steel as the handcuffs themselves.

They are also entirely welded, which adds to their security and stability.

If you want a more comfortable solution for arrests than hinged cuffs, these are a great alternative.

The welded links prevent tampering and the likelihood of breakage but also offer a little more mobility.

  • Double Locking

The most impressive feature of these cuffs is that they offer a double-locking mechanism.

When a suspect is secured, they won’t adjust the cuffs to make them tighter or looser.

Also, ratcheting them closed will be much smoother than with lower quality cuffs.

I always opt for double-locking handcuffs, as it makes arrests far simpler and reliable.

Also, transporting gives you the peace of mind you need to know the arrestee isn’t tampering with the restraints.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel

Steel is one of the most excellent materials to use when creating handcuffs because of its durability and resilience.

If you have used aluminum handcuffs, you might have concerns about their quality due to their lighter weight.

With steel, you can feel the hefty nature of the material in your hands, which proves their security.

The unique heavy-duty steel is specifically used to improve the overall durability of these cuffs.

Also, they have a soft round edge on the interior, which helps prevent injuries.

I prefer steel because it is easy to maintain over the years and works well with standard cleaning practices.

  • Standard-Issue Cuff Keys

Losing your cuff keys is one of the most significant issues for the majority of law enforcement officers.

I have been in situations where I lost one or both of my keys while on the job.

Fortunately, these cuffs are designed to work with the majority of police-issue handcuffs.

With the standard-issue keys, I can carry two to three sets of cuffs that all use the same key.

This process ensures I have multiple backups to reach for just in case one pair goes missing.

I have found Vipertek keys to work with Hiatt, Peerless, and Smith & Wesson cuffs.

  • Smooth Action

When you are dealing with a detainee, you will want a pair of cuffs that go on effortlessly.

These cuffs’ action is quite notable, as they ratchet into place quickly and allow for efficient adjustments.

Compared to other police issue cuffs, these are slightly more comfortable for larger wrists.

As an added benefit, they have a satisfying ratcheting sound as you adjust the cuffs.

Vipertek Handcuffs Cons

One major issue with the Vipertek handcuffs is that not all standard handcuff keys fit. Foreverpolice has tested handcuff keys from Smith & Wesson, ASP, Peerless, Zak Tools, and some no-name handcuff keys.

Only keys from S&M and ASP worked. The other keys weren’t possible to turn around! That’s a huge problem. Many of us only have Zak Tool or Peerless handcuff keys.

Vipertek Handcuffs with several brands handcuff keys
Vipertek Handcuffs with several brands of handcuff keys

Another issue is that the handcuffs single-strand and single-strand rivet are a bit soft. So when applying the cuffs on someone who is resisting, they might go off track. This is not a super-big problem, but it might cause some headaches in critical situations. Have a look at the images below.

Off track single strand, Vipertek Handcuffs
Off-track single strand, Vipertek Handcuffs

How to Get the Most Out of It

One tip for getting the most out of your new cuffs is to make sure they are adequately maintained.

Among the most significant issues law enforcement officers encounter with handcuffs is poor maintenance.

It can lead to shoddy cuffs in a matter of months and wear down the metal faster than expected.

You will be responsible for regularly disinfecting your handcuffs, as well as ensuring they are sufficiently oiled.

By using these tips, you will find they can last substantially longer than you initially thought.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The first thing I like to do with new cuffs is to ensure they are cleaned and disinfected.

I also clean them in between arrests to guarantee they are functioning to the best of their ability.

Depending on the material, rubbing alcohol is one of my top-tier choices because it is effective and inexpensive.

With that said, some materials, such as sensitive metals, can be better suited to be cleaned with a mild detergent.

I like to make sure I use a soft microfiber cloth when cleaning, as it prevents scratches on the metal.

There are several options you can consider, as well, such as:

Some of the medicinal cleaners can be preferable, especially to help ward off diseases and harmful organisms.

If I detain a suspect with HIV, herpes, influenza, or tuberculosis, I always opt for medicinal cleaners.

My department also has an ultrasonic cleaner available for officers to use, which can be highly effective.

The ultrasonic cleaner eliminates most, if not all, traces of dirt and bacteria without damaging the handcuff metal.


Once I have adequately cleaned my cuffs, it’s time to make sure they are properly lubricated.

As the previous steps removed any oil traces, this step is essential for ensuring the restraints work smoothly.

However, I don’t want to put too much oil on the cuffs, as it can make them slippery.

I tend to focus most of the lubricant on the rivet, lock housing, keyhole, double lock hole, and swivel.

It is also important to remove any excess oil to reduce the greasy feeling.

Teflon-based lubricants are often regarded as the best because Teflon puts a protective coating over the metal.

WD40 is another affordable option and can easily be sourced from your local hardware store.


319 u2Xd73L

My favorite alternative to these Vipertek cuffs is the ASP Ultra Cuffs.

Although they are far more expensive, they have plenty of conveniences for law enforcement officers.

A few of the most notable features of the ASP cuffs include:

  • Interchangeable Locksets

With this, switching the locksets on your cuffs has never been simpler, which adds to their versatility.

  • Double-Sided Keyway

You can easily unlock the cuffs from either side, which is ideal for non-compliant subjects.

  • Lock Status Indicators

Officers can quickly check the indicator near the keyway to see whether the cuffs are locked or unlocked.

  • Ergonomic Design

The overall geometry of these cuffs is remarkable, making them more comfortable and easier to use.


In reading Vipertek handcuff reviews, it is easy to see why they are a popular brand for law enforcement.

As a fantastic pair of backup cuffs, there is plenty of great features to look at in a Vipertek Handcuffs review.

From a double lock mechanism to a sturdy two-inch chain, the Vipertek Double Lock Steel Police Edition Handcuffs are notable.

Interested in learning more about handcuffs? Be sure to check out our article about the different types of handcuffs.

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