Christmas Gifts for Police Officers of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Gift-giving is arguably the most popular gesture people practice during the Christmas season.

While the annual celebration is commonly dedicated to younger people, it’s not unusual for adults to participate in this gift-giving tradition.

You may experience challenges selecting the ideal gift, especially if the recipient is a law enforcement officer.

Considering police gear or body armor is understandable, but these items are not necessarily convenient or affordable.

Let’s explore the most recommended Christmas gifts for police officers worth considering, categorized by price range.

Comparison Chart

StandNtall Wall Mounted Tactical Duty Gear Rack with Police Flag
Best High-End Gift
31S4ym7IhmL. SL500
G-Shock GBD800UC-8 Grey Watch
Best Mid-Priced Gift
316PRlB8pfL. SL500
Funny Best Police Officer Ever Large 20 Ounce Travel Tumbler
Best Affordable Gift

3 Expensive (From $100 and above) Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

1. StandNtall Wall Mounted Tactical Duty Gear Rack With Police Flag

This patriotic gear rack is probably the ideal option if you prefer a classical gift for your favorite police officer.


This Christmas Gift for police officers has multiple qualities that you’ll also love.

One is that the Blue Lives Matter logo is prominently featured on the rack, which serves as a nice gesture for dedicated police officers.

The color of the gear rack can complement most residential themes, which makes it easier to integrate the item into your wall.

Regarding functionality, the gear rack offers plenty of space on the top platform for items like a radio, badges, and a flashlight.

You can expect it to be strong enough to support heavy police gear like utility belts and padded vests.


  • High-quality finishing
  • Durable build
  • Reasonable weight
  • Tough hook on both sides


  • Mounting hole design can be better
  • Blue line may look purple

2. Shock Clock 2

311TtXlJbGL. SL500

If your recipient is a heavy sleeper due to their law enforcement duties, this is a nice gift as it can help its recipient be on time consistently.


The Shock Clock 2 is a wearable silent alarm clock that can wake you up with a combination of vibrations, gentle zaps, or beeps.

As a result, you won’t be disturbing your family members due to the sound of your alarm clock.

Deactivation won’t be effortless, as you have to do jumping jacks or perform a QR scan to turn off the alarm.

This way, you will likely stay awake after you shut down the alarm.

Lastly, it’s compatible with most mobile devices, so adjusting the gadget’s settings won’t require you to have an additional peripheral.


  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Excellent customer service
  • Stylish design


  • Initial setup may take some time
  • App needs improvement

3. Ebb CoolDrift Versa

31sjO9iHeOL. SL500

While the previous fun gift helps wake the user, this item makes the receiver fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality.

Thus, the Ebb CoolDrift Versa is a perfect gift for police officers who have trouble sleeping due to irregular shifts.


Since it doesn’t use synthetic chemicals to function, the CoolDrift Versa is a safe way to replenish one’s energy for the following day.

The user will have a healthier and more restorative rest as it provides precise cooling that reduces metabolic activity.

Its portable design won’t take up too much space in your police bag, glove box, or other similar storage.

As such, it’s one of the most thoughtful and coolest gifts for cops who constantly sleep in different places.


  • Self-adjusting feature
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Usable during non-sleeping hours


  • Might generate some noise
  • No timer

5 Mid-Priced (From $50 to $100) Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

1. Thin Blue Line Police Memo Pad Holder

41SHZ3C20zL. SL500

This memo pad holder with a blue stripe flag is one of the most thoughtful gifts for Christmas and a police academy graduation gift.

Despite not being the most imaginative or fun gift you can give a police officer, this everyday item has some qualities worth considering.


Faux leather is this holder’s cover material, making it easier to clean and requiring less maintenance.

It offers additional space for other paperwork, cards, and other essential documents that may not fit on the holder itself.

You’ll also receive bonus items like a magnet, decals, and a printed copy of “A Police Officer’s Prayer” that police officers will appreciate.


  • Good aesthetic qualities
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent texture


  • May bend easily
  • Stitching not ideal

2. Casio G-Shock GBD800UC-8

31S4ym7IhmL. SL500

Consider this G-Shock watch if you want a more standard yet one of the most awesome and practical gifts for your police academy graduate.

The Casio G-Shock GBD800UC-8 may be a cookie-cutter lifestyle watch, but its features make it worthy of being a perfect police gift option.


Convenience is one of the highlights of this accessory as the calendar and hourly time signal are pre-programmed.

In emergencies, you don’t have to worry too much if you submerge in water with this watch, as it has water-resistant properties.

Furthermore, while the battery is expected to last for about three years, you may activate the daylight savings feature to prolong its service life.


  • Shock-resistant design
  • Stylish packaging
  • Color options available


  • Time visibility needs improvement
  • Step tracking feature could be better

3. Sharp Atomic Clock

51DbclBRHiL. SL500

Punctuality is one of the virtues all law enforcement officers should have.

The Sharp Atomic Clock will provide your recipient with the most accurate time and other helpful information.


It is designed to sync automatically with the WWVB radio broadcast of the National Institute (NIST) to ensure the clock provides the most precise time.

Display quality is one of the best features of the clock because of its four-inch tall LCD.

You’ll see the time, date, and temperature without any issues, making it one of the best gifts for cops.


  • Easy to setup
  • Usable anywhere
  • Durable


  • Batteries not included
  • Won’t work outside the US

4. Ablegrid Rechargeable Body Fat Scale

41CXtvwB5vL. SL500

This gift option can be a fun reminder for the recipient to be mindful of their diet during the holiday season and beyond.

A digital smart bathroom scale is a worthy addition to anyone’s home because it’s more than a weight measurer.


The item’s extra large dynamic VA display ensures you’ll see the readings more clearly.

All users will find this device helpful in maintaining optimal health because it can analyze heart rate, body fat, and other health-related metrics.

Tracking your fitness progress is made easier as the scale is designed to sync with your mobile device.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Charging cable included
  • Can accommodate multiple devices
  • Accurate readings


  • Slow boot-up
  • Potential syncing issues

5. KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife

31wBSXbnb4L. SL500

Instead of choosing Christmas gifts for police officers with a bullet theme, you may consider this item that has practical use in real-life, critical situations.


The material and design of this tactical knife make it a valuable addition to any police officer’s arsenal.

Its blade and handle won’t get damaged easily as it is made from stainless steel.

Also, its compact size and color allow it to blend easily with other police accessories.


  • Effortless unsheathing
  • Easy to wear
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Sheath material not ideal
  • Belt clip could be better

4 Low-Priced (Up to $50) Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

1. Rothco Thin Blue Line Flag Low Profile Cap

41r2kZDm+UL. SL500

For an appreciation gift, you can’t go wrong with this adjustable cap.

It’s also for a good cause because proceeds from buying the item will aid families of fallen first responders.


The featured logo symbolizes support and respect for our law enforcement officers.

With its color scheme, you can pair the Rothco Thin Blue Line Flag Low Profile Cap with almost any attire.


  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent embroidery quality
  • Multiple color options available


  • Not made locally
  • Sizing may not be accurate

2. Aomcisi 6 Row Challenge Coin Holder

51i2MXXtLcL. SL500

Coins are commonly collected or earned by police officers, so why not give them a present that complements that?

This coin holder has some distinct qualities that make it one of the ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas parties, or retirement celebrations.

Motivate your beloved police academy graduate to earn coins during their career with this item.


The coin holder’s primary attribute is the elegant finishing and wood texture that can elevate the style of your shelf or table.

Spacing is commendable, as each line can display most of the details of the challenge coins.

Also, a blue line is located in the middle to ensure that this coin holder is dedicated to our honorable law enforcement officers.


  • Lightweight
  • Balanced construction
  • Accurate photo representation


  • Paint quality could be better

3. Rogue River Tactical Best Police Officer Ever Travel Tumbler Mug Cup

316PRlB8pfL. SL500

If you want a beverageware with an awesome sign, check out this inexpensive Christmas gift idea made for police officers.

Making your favorite law enforcement officer smile becomes easier with the words indicated on the item and other notable features.


Since this 20-ounce tumbler is double-insulated, it can retain temperature longer regardless of the climate.

Its stainless steel body ensures your drinks won’t get contaminated with rust and other harmful elements.

Safety-wise, the tumbler features an eco-friendly design and is free from BPA components.


  • Easy sipping
  • Can fit in most cup holders
  • Clear font


  • Lacks any graphic details
  • No handle

4. Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray Mightnight Fragrance

41I5mnd+SPL. SL500

Although this brilliant gift idea is not as memorable or fun as other options, this spray is a must-have for people working in law enforcement.


Including a bottle of Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray Mightnight Fragrance in your everyday items has many benefits.

Its special-grade formula (OAM technology) ensures all nasty odors associated with law enforcement are eliminated or reduced significantly.

As such, you can extend the time between cleanings of your uniforms.

Despite its efficacy, the K9s and other police dogs won’t become easily affected when you spray the solution around them.


  • Allergen-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy application


  • Effects may not last very long
  • Questionable sprayer durability

Which Christmas Gifts for Police Officers Should You Pick?

Our pick for the best Christmas gift for police officers in the expensive category is the StandNtall Wall Mounted Tactical Duty Gear Rack with Police Flag.

When it comes to style and function, there’s no argument about which one is the best choice.

For the mid-priced options, we have to give it to Casio G-Shock GBD800UC-8. It’s a popular gift idea for police officers because of its versatility and high-quality features.

Finally, the Rogue River Tactical Best Police Officer Ever Travel Tumbler is our recommendation for the low-priced category.

The convenience and functionalities of the item will be a tremendous help for officers who are always working early or late.

Didn’t see what you had in mind? Browse through our guide for even more lists showcasing gifts catered to police officers.