Best Patrol Bags of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best patrol bag is undoubtedly one of my most important pieces of police gear.

It’s necessary for ensuring all of my gear is effortlessly organized and protected when on-duty.

I’ve tested plenty of designs and have found five of the most impressive styles for other LEOs to consider.

Comparison Chart

OSAGE RIVER Tactical Duffle Bag
Propper Unisex Patrol Bag
5.11 Tactical Patrol Ready 40 Liter Bag
Hatch D1 Patrol Duty Bag
WolfWarriorX Tactical Duffle BagWolfWarriorX Tactical Duffle Bag

Best Patrol Bag Reviews

1. OSAGE RIVER Tactical Duffle Bag


The OSAGE RIVER Tactical Duffle Bag is an excellent option because it looks like a standard duffle outside.

However, it offers plenty of essential storage for all of my gear, ranging from weapons to extra mags.

Product Highlights

The main feature I loved about this bag is its material, which helps prevent rips and tears over time.

The 600D ballistic nylon ensures the bag stays sturdy, even with daily use, especially when exposed to the elements.

You might even find this to be the ideal bag for outdoor adventures, such as camping, hunting, and hiking.

In total, there’s up to 1800 cubic inches of storage on the bag’s interior since it’s 18″ long and 12″ wide.

The 11″ height is also ideal, allowing me to pack it to the brim with essentials, so I’m always prepared.

With the dual carrying options, I can decide the most comfortable and convenient way to carry it, depending on the situation.

The standard carrying handles are integrated into the bag, while the shoulder strap is removable.

Fortunately, the shoulder strap clips are swivel, so regardless of how the strap gets twisted, the bag always rights itself.

If you’ve used tactical bags in the past, you know how unreliable they can be when carrying sharp objects.

The bottom of this bag features reinforced material, so heavy and sharp items don’t protrude.

I also love the small feet on the bottom that make it easy to put the bag down on any surface without ripping.

Over time, these features genuinely help preserve the integrity of the duffle.

The high-quality zippers are easy to use and keep my gear safe, while buckles reinforce the front pockets.

There’s plenty of space for my personal items as well, such as a change of clothes, snacks, extra water, and valuables.


What to Like About It

The OSAGE RIVER Tactical Duffle Bag’s overall weight is relatively low, making it easy to carry.

Also, the heavy-duty zippers have a smooth action that makes all of the compartments easy to access.

There are plenty of double-stitched components and eight extra pockets for storage, to speak to its quality.

What Not to Like About It

You’ll find interior mesh for organization that is too thin and likely to rip over time on the inside.

I would also prefer to have more Velcro compartments, allowing me to grab gear when needed easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty, smooth zippers
  • Eight usable pockets
  • Double-stitched components


  • Thin interior mesh
  • Lacking Velcro components

2. Propper Unisex Patrol Bag


If you’re someone who prefers a more seamless design for their tactical bags, this is a great option.

The Propper Unisex Patrol Bag has elementary storage with more internal organization than the exterior.

You’ll find it will easily fit into your patrol car’s trunk for quick and effortless access to your gear.

Product Highlights

At first glance, you’ll see how there isn’t much exterior storage in this patrol bag.

However, this can often be preferred, especially if you want to keep your gear protected.

I’ve found with fewer exterior pockets, suspects can’t get their hands on my essentials.

The zipper closure is relatively straightforward, and the zippers are high-quality, with a smooth action.

You’ll find plenty of storage on the inside, which is also my favorite part of the bag.

There is an assortment of different size pouches for anything ranging from binoculars to keys.

There are two zippered mesh pockets on the bag’s lid, as well as a small Velcro pouch for smaller essentials.

You’ll also find an intuitive pen organizer so you can keep extra pens for reports.

In the main compartment, there are separated compartments to help you organize your gear efficiently.

As an added benefit, two mesh pockets are located on either side of the bag’s exterior.

These pockets are best suited for flashlights, water bottles, and other easy-access items.

For added organization, the integrated MOLLE storage system allows you to customize added pouches.

Similar to most tactical bags, there are two carrying options built into this unit.

You’ll have the integrated handle as well as a shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry into the station.

One of the more unique aspects of this bag is its seat straps.

In your patrol car, you can quickly affix the bag to your seat for optimal security.

Also, the high-quality fabric is notable since it’s constructed using 100% 600D polyester.

I appreciate the padded interior, which adds even more protection for all of my most important items.


What to Like About It

The Propper Unisex Patrol Bag is a phenomenal option for keeping in your patrol car.

I found it’s one of the sturdier models I’ve come across, and it offers straightforward interior organization.

The extra padding is convenient to have on hand to protect my electronics further.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the bag’s interior can be smaller than expected, especially with the integrated storage system.

I’ve determined that using the shoulder strap is the best option because the handles lack durability.


  • Great for patrol cars
  • Feels sturdy
  • Effortless organization
  • Extra padding for electronics


  • Smaller interior pocket
  • Handles lack quality

3. 5.11 Tactical Patrol Bag


The 5.11 Tactical Patrol Bag is ready for duty, whether you need a solution to carry or store your gear.

You’ll find it fits perfectly in your patrol car and acts as a sufficient front seat organizer.

Product Highlights

This tactical bag’s unique design is what drew my attention to it at first since it’s designed for LEOs.

Its design allows for optimal customization so that you can enhance its versatility based on your personal needs.

You’ll find two side and end pockets for effortless military-style access, which only adds to its convenience.

The 600D polyester can go through plenty of wear and tear, which speaks to the duffle’s quality.

Also, there are two integrated water bottle pockets, which are ideal for on-the-spot hydration.

Like the Propper Patrol Bag, this duffle features built-in organization in the main compartment.

Each organizational section is crafted from all-weather 600D polyester, similar to the exterior of the bag.

There are three main padded compartments for your gear, as well as plenty of storage on the bag’s lid.

You’ll have an additional two zippered pockets as well as a Velcro pouch and a pen organizer.

The interior storage combined with the exterior pockets helps me ensure all of my essentials have the perfect spot.

Also, regardless of how much gear I store in the bag, I have peace of mind that the zipper closure will last a long time.

The heavy-duty exterior zipper is essential for protecting the integrity of your belongings while on-duty.

The 5.11 Tactical Patrol Bag is ideal whether you prefer using carrying handles or a shoulder strap.

Each of the handles boasts reinforced stitching, while the removable shoulder strap has heavy-duty clips.

I’ve also found detaching the shoulder strap quicker with this design than other tactical bags.


What to Like About It

The thick and rugged material on the exterior of the bag helps prevent tears over time.

I’ve found that it holds all of my paper documents effortlessly, proving that this bag is built to last.

Also, the handle design is one of the most impressive I’ve tried.

What Not to Like About It

My largest gripe with this bag is the elastic sewn into the exterior pockets.

Over time, it stretches to a point where it’s no longer usable, and I would have preferred Velcro exterior pockets.

The bag is not water-resistant, so it’s best to be kept in your patrol car.


  • Thick and rugged material
  • Ideal for document organization
  • Incredible handle design
  • Built to last


  • Poorly designed elastic
  • Not water-resistant

4. Hatch D1 Patrol Duty Bag

My first impression of the Hatch D1 Patrol Duty Bag is that it’s meant for serious organization.

As a LEO, you’ll likely have plenty of small items that need to be adequately stored.

If internal and external storage is your two primary concerns, this is a great option to consider.

Product Highlights

The most notable feature of this bag is that it has a ton of storage, much more than any other bag I’ve tested.

The interior compartment has a customizable divider to help keep essential items and documents organized.

In addition to the internal organizer, there are two zippered cargo pockets and six pencil pockets.

On the bag’s exterior, you’ll find two additional zippered cargo pockets as well as two flip-top pockets.

For even more storage, I love the three open-top pockets, which give me easy access to items while on-the-go.

There’s a unique component designed specifically for law enforcement on the top of the bag’s lid as well.

You’ll find two small loop straps where you can store your baton or a large tactical flashlight.

Another awe-inspiring feature of this bag is that it offers water-resistance.

Instead of using 600D nylon or polyester, it’s made from 840 denier fabric, water-resistant nylon.

On the inside of the back, there’s PVC backing, which offers even more weather resistance.

Compared to the vast majority of tactical bags, you’ll find this one offers far more storage.

It’s 25″ long, 10″ wide, and 12″ high, allowing you to keep all of your gear in one place.


What to Like About It

The Hatch D1 Patrol Duty Bag’s professional style is impressive, as are its storage solutions.

With the durability of the fabric, I’m able to rest assured that the bag can withstand most weather types.

What Not to Like About It

A central issue in this bag is its shoulder strap, which is shorter than expected.

Also, the stitching around the pockets is lackluster and can cause tearing after a few uses.


  • Professional style
  • Durable fabric
  • Impressive storage
  • Convenient weather resistance


  • Short shoulder strap
  • Weak pocket stitching

5. WolfWarriorX Gym Bag for Men


Although the WolfWarriorX Gym Bag for Men is designed for the gym, I also found it doubles as a fantastic tactical bag.

I’ve also had the opportunity to use it for travel, which proves just how versatile its design is.

Product Highlights

Law enforcement officers will love the bag’s large capacity since it’s 24″ long, 10″ wide, and 13″ tall.

On the inside, you’ll find four primary loading spaces built with water-resistant fabric to help with handcuff maintenance.

You’ll have plenty of space for your police essentials as well as an extra pair of clothes and shoes if needed.

Each side compartment can expand to store dirty shoes and boots, keeping them separate from your other gear.

Also, two zippered side pockets offer plenty of storage options for your valuables, such as tablets.

On the front, you’ll find another zippered pocket with an extra interior mesh pocket.

The multipurpose design of the bag allows you to hold anything and everything.

I especially love how the side pockets are entirely separate from the main pocket for extra secure storage.

Aside from the independent shoe bag and front slider pocket, there’s also a MOLLE system on the side.

There are plenty of features I’ve come to love over my time using the bag regarding quality.

Each of the zippers is self-healing, which ensures they never break or fall apart.

The top carrying handle is reinforced to help prevent it from ripping apart from the bag.

Also, it comes with a padded shoulder strap that’s 18″ long, which is more than enough length for everyday needs.


What to Like About It

The ideal size of this bag makes it perfect for everyday work activities as well as outdoor excursions.

I found that it’s one of the most uncomplicated bags to pack, especially when it comes to extra clothes.

The exterior storage is an added convenience to keep some of my gear organized and separate.

What Not to Like About It

The largest downfall of this bag is that it doesn’t have an internal organization. I would have to buy a separate organizer.

The bag also doesn’t maintain its shape, making it challenging to keep in the front seat.


  • Fantastic size
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Easy to pack
  • Convenient exterior storage


  • Lacks internal organization
  • Loses its shape

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best police duty bag means you need to find a design that meets your specifications.

You’ll need to consider plenty of features ranging from MOLLE systems to internal organization.

Let’s review some of the key things to keep an eye out for when you start shopping.


The storage in your new tactical bag is one of the most important things for you to consider.

Not only will you want an adequate amount of space, but you will also need to keep your gear organized.

I prefer to have internal storage compartments, as well as inner pockets for smaller belongings.

Otherwise, I find myself having to buy pouches and separate storage systems to put into the bag.

Ideally, you’ll want at least two internal zipper or Velcro pockets as well as mesh pouches.

A built-in pen organizer can also be ideal, so you’re always ready to take reports as needed.

In addition to storage compartments, the main compartment needs to be adequately sized.

It’s always good to have an extra pair of clothes and shoes on you, which should also fit into your bag.

You’ll also need enough space for your first aid kits, flashlights, and road safety equipment.

My recommendation is to take inventory of all the things you typically use day-to-day.

With that list, determine how many storage options are best for your specific needs.

Exterior storage is also essential to consider since it gives you easy access to your essentials.

For example, if you know you use your tactical flashlight often, you’ll want an easy-access pouch.

However, the exterior pockets should be secured to ensure you can keep your gear safe.


Another important feature of a patrol bag is the material used to construct the outside and inside.

Ideally, water-resistant fabric is best for year-round use, especially if you take your bag out of your car.

You’ll also want to make sure the fabric is tear-resistant, which can prevent significant damage over time.

The material should feel rough between your fingers and thick enough to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the bag.

It can be beneficial to have reinforced fabric to help the bag maintain its shape on the bottom.

Also, a durable bottom protects the most delicate part of your bag.

Tactical bags are typically made from ballistic nylon, standard nylon, or polyester.

In my opinion, ballistic nylon is one of the most impressive materials to consider.


Reinforced features are one of my top recommendations for any heavy-duty bag.

Apart from material durability, you’ll also need to consider zipper quality, Velcro quality, and strap quality.

Manufacturers should reinforce the stitching on the bag to prevent it from falling apart at the seams.

YKK zippers or other heavy-duty zippers are highly recommended to ensure they don’t break over time.

If you want to take it a step further, self-healing zippers are essential because they’ll never wear down.

You’ll also want to consider avoiding bags that contain unreliable closures, such as elastic and mesh.

Although mesh can be convenient, it tends to rip and tear over time.


Most tactical duffles give you the option between carrying the bag by hand or using a shoulder strap.

Shoulder straps can often be preferred, especially if you carry a lot of heavyweight gear.

Like the rest of the stitching on your bag, both the carrying handles and shoulder strap clips should be reinforced.

You will also want to consider finding a bag that allows for the shoulder strap to be removed, if necessary.

Ideally, you should be able to take the strap on and off with ease without worrying about it snapping off.

Also, extra padding on the strap can make it more comfortable to carry for extended periods.

LEO Components

It’s easy to find a generic patrol bag, but you’ll want to consider models with LEO-specific components.

Although they’re not necessary, they can be a considerable advantage to have on-hand in the best police duty bag.

There are two primary things to consider with your patrol bag: baton loops and seat straps.

Baton loops are typically located on your bag’s primary closure and allow you to slide your nightstick into position.

They are also often used for tactical flashlights due to their extensive length.

With this feature, you can keep all of your gear in one spot, making the bag easier to pack daily.

Seat straps are another essential, especially if you have a solo patrol car.

Instead of keeping your gear in your trunk, you can place your bag on the passenger’s seat.

The straps allow you to affix the bag to the seat, similar to a car seat for easy access.

Best Patrol Bag FAQs

1. How Should You Organize Patrol Bag?

Organizing your police duty bag is simple, especially if it comes with built-in storage.

However, if you don’t have enough organization, you can always purchase separate organizers.

These organizers quickly slide into the main compartment of your bag and help you organize larger items.

You’ll want to consider buying padded compartments since they add a little more protection to the inside of your bag.

Alternatively, you can use small pouches to keep your belongings separated and secure.

I like to use both because I can keep my larger items visible and my smaller items zippered away.

2. What Should You Put in a Patrol Bag?

There are plenty of things you can consider putting in your patrol bag, depending on your preferences.

I typically make sure to pack the following:

  • Extra ammo
  • MREs
  • Reading material
  • Eye protection
  • Earplugs
  • Pens and pencils
  • Spare flashlight batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Bandages
  • First aid kit
  • Hydration items
  • Parking stickers
  • Alarm tags
  • Forms
  • Laptop

3. How Do You Secure a Police Patrol Bag?

I highly recommend investing in a locking mechanism for the best police patrol bag to protect your expensive gear.

You’ll want to consider something similar to a luggage lock that will prevent people from unzipping your gear.

That said, as long as you keep your bag in the front or trunk of your patrol vehicle, you might not need extra security.

Adding a small lock gives me peace of mind to know all of my essentials will stay where I originally left them.

4. How Big Are Patrol Bags?

Patrol bags are typically sized large enough to carry documents, electronics, and extra clothing.

You’ll find most models have a similar size to traditional duffles, which offers plenty of storage.

Depending on where you intend to keep your bag, you might find a smaller size bag to be preferable.

5. Do I Need a Tactical Bag?

The best police patrol bag has become one of my most-used items, both on and off-duty.

It helps keep me organized and makes it simpler to clear out my patrol car at the end of my shift.

Also, the storage keeps me far more organized throughout the day.

My Final Recommendation

The 5.11 Tactical Patrol Bag is my choice for the best patrol bag for all your needs.

I’ve appreciated the extensive storage options it offers, as well as the high-quality all-weather fabric.

It has some of the keenest attention to detail, ranging from the heavy-duty shoulder clips to the YKK zippers.

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