Universal Handcuff Key – A product guide [It’s an 1 minute Easy Read]

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I have little to say…

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Just let do a quick tour of the universal handcuff key:

Is there one key for all handcuffs?

Most standard handcuffs come with the standard handcuff keys in the original packaging. You often get 2 pieces when buying a new pair.

Most handcuff keys are the same. However, there are some handcuffs that have their own special key. They’re called High-security handcuffs.

Interested in learning more about handcuffs? Be sure to check out our article about the different types of handcuffs.

Universal handcuff keys in use

The key is used to unlock standard handcuffs.

Most handcuffs come with a double lock. The pointy end of the cuff key is used to lock the double lock.

Standard handcuff keys work great for most users. However, they might be a bit hard to use sometimes.

This is because they are small and slippery.

Universal handcuff keys can be useful as a reserve key. And they are a cheap alternative if you need a replacement.

There is possible to make it much easier to use if you mount the key in a handcuff key extender.

Remember to always carry extra cuff keys with you. Keep one attached to a key ring in your belt or just put it in a pocket.

Make sure thugs are unable to take it from you.

These handcuff keys are small. They are easy to hide. So be thorough when searching a person.

Check my article about hidden handcuff keys. Make YOUR security a priority. Read what you need to be aware of right here.

An universal handcuff key with with Peerless Model 700 Handcuffs
An Universal Handcuff Key with Peerless Model 700 Handcuffs

Universal handcuff key in numbers

Size: A universal handcuff key is about 2 inches or 50 millimeters.

Weight: It’s near to nothing.

Price: Between $1 to maybe $3. The cost won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Is there more to say?

Quality of a standard handcuff key

The quality of a universal handcuff key vary. Just buy from known brands like Smith & Wesson, Peerless, ASP, or ZAK Tool. These manufacturers are big and legit.

Avoid buying from Aliexpress.com or some other super cheap website from China. You’ll never know what you get.

Where to buy a standard, universal handcuff key?

As usual: Amazon.com. They sell almost everything that exists in this world. Read more about different handcuff keys and some tips in this article

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