Best Pepper Spray Guns of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best pepper spray gun is ideal when looking for a non-lethal alternative to our service weapons.

Also known as a mace gun, these effective defenses allow us to propel pepper spray easily at a potential threat.

In some cases, you may notice they resemble a real gun, while others take on a small, compact design.

A pepper spray gun is essential whether you’re buying new pepper spray for your gear or looking to equip yourself while off-duty.

I’ve found five great options to consider so you’re always prepared for any situation.

Comparison Chart

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SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel
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Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun B01N5TIY3J
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Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II
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Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED
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SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher

Best Pepper Spray Gun Reviews

1. SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Spray Pistol

31ASRfh 1oL. SL500

The SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Spray Pistol is loaded with one of law enforcement’s most popular pepper sprays.

With its unique design, you’ll be able to unlock significantly more accuracy when subduing assailants.

Also, it’s comfortably sized, making it great for both male and female police officers to use.


Let’s look at some of the best features of the SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Spray Pistol.

  • Easy Deployment

As law enforcement officers, the last thing we want is to toy around with our pepper sprays.

This non-lethal gun has a user-friendly deployment method and ample stopping power, causing temporary blindness.

As it sits comfortably in your hand, you simply use it just as you would your service weapon.

  • Increased Accuracy

Compared to traditional pepper spray, this spray gun helps increase the accuracy ten-fold.

It’s also designed to feature grip safety, avoiding accidental discharge.

You’ll find you can reach targets up to 15 feet away, helping to give you plenty of distance.

  • Easily Replaced Canisters

When you order the SABRE Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Spray Pistol, it comes with a single canister of pepper spray.

In this can, you’ll have 13 total bursts. However, if you want to switch the canister, it’s incredibly simple, allowing for multiple uses.

  • Extra Strength Formulation

It’s known that SABRE pepper spray is one of the strongest OC sprays on the market.

This model is no different, having been tested in a top-rated HPLC lab.

It works well against humans and animals, keeping you safe while on and off duty.


  • Fits comfortably in holsters
  • Compact for on-the-job
  • Easy-to-use grip safety
  • Doesn’t have a violent kick


  • Shorter range than expected
  • Some blowback

2. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun

41sdEKCEUiL. SL500

I consider the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun an excellent alternative to the SABRE pepper spray gun.

It has a compact design that’s quite similar to a standard pistol.

As an added benefit, you’ll receive two spray bottles and a nylon gun holster with your order.


Let’s jump into the best features of the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun.

  • Long-Range Protection

If you’ve been looking for pepper spray to protect you at a distance, choose this one.

It shoots up to 20 feet away, helping you incapacitate your attacker at a safe distance.

Fortunately, the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun features a unique delivery system, offering more range.

  • Strong Formula

As I expected, the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun can work with the strongest gel pepper spray possible.

You’ll receive two canisters of OC pepper spray with your order, causing impaired vision and respiratory distress.

When discharged at the assailant, they will experience an intense burning sensation from the self-defense sprays.

  • Invisible UV Dye

One of the more interesting features of this pepper spray gun is that the stock spray comes with invisible UV dye.

In an instance where you spray your attacker, you can identify them at a later date, even after washing.

This feature is also common in traditional sprays and could come in a practice canister.

  • Built-in Features

There’s no doubt the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun comes with built-in features, like fast-acting delivery systems.

First, you’ll find an LED strobe light that I find perfect for distracting a threat while improving aim.

Additionally, a Picatinny rail allows you to add desired attachments along with its proprietary delivery system.

  • Slide-Release Safety

This model has slide-release safety instead of trigger safety like other pepper spray guns.

When you want to engage the spray, simply slide the switch so that it’s live

 When fired, the compact design of the gun reduces the chance of blowback, making it easier to use.


  • Powerful solution for a self-defense product
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • The barrel release is swift and crisp
  • Bright LED strobe light


  • The trigger is tough to pull
  • The canister may not discharge accurately

3. Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II

41895bfYG+L. SL500

The Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II has a unique design compared to other pepper spray guns.

With a non-aerosol pyrotechnic delivery system, it’s one of the more accurate options on the market.

Additionally, the gun comes with a canister of high-powered spray, as we’ll explore in detail below.


Let’s get into the best features of the Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II and its pepper formula.

  • Advanced Delivery System

Instead of using an aerosol delivery system, this pepper spray gun uses pyrotechnics for accurate protection.

This helps ensure the spray discharges accurately every time without worrying about clogging.

Additionally, this feature helps to offer the utmost amount of accuracy when in use.

When paired with its innovative pistol-grip design, you’ll find your accurate protection will increase ten-fold.

The finger-grip design is incredibly comfortable, especially for your personal security.

Also, it ensures you direct the spray accordingly, reducing the risk of blowback.

  • Enhanced Spray Formulation

When you buy the Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II, you get a bottle of high-powered spray.

These powerful formulas feature 10% OC paired with benzyl alcohol, ensuring it’s the right viscosity.

Combining these two ingredients ensures you have impressively potent ingredients to rely on.

  • High-Speed Delivery

Compared to other pepper spray guns, there’s no doubt this model has significantly better performance.

It has the potential to shoot pepper spray up to 112 MPH, ensuring you hit your target every time.

Also, using gel spray and other non-lethal options significantly reduces the risk of blowback.


  • Comfortable grip for effective self-defense
  • Produces two blasts of a powerful solution
  • Integrated sight
  • Incredibly powerful spray


  • Works best under 15 feet
  • Only offers two shots of spray

4. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun With Strobe LED

31NA52cKUHL. SL500

The Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED is compact and discreet, making it ideal for law enforcement officers like us.

With its low-profile design, it’s easy to manage and carry on you while you’re on duty.

Also, it features an integrated strobe LED to help you disorient attackers at any time.


With a few great features of the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun With Strobe LED, let’s get into the most impressive highlights.

  • Longer Range Personal Protection

As someone who’ve owned pepper guns in the past, I find this model has much more reach.

On average, I was able to shoot up to 20 feet away, which gave me plenty of distance.

It’s ideal for police officers searching for a non-lethal alternative that keeps you at a distance.

  • Strong Spray Formula

As with most pepper spray guns, the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED ships with a spray container.

You’ll find it’s quite strong, featuring OC, known for causing impaired vision and respiratory distress.

Once sprayed, the attacker will experience a significant burning sensation in all their orifices.

You also have the benefit of the reduced possibility of blowback.

As an extra feature for additional security, you can use the strong formula indoors and outside.

There’s less of a chance of wind blowback, even while outside, which is ideal for beginners.

  • Invisible UV Dye

When you discharge the concentrated spray onto an assailant, it spreads invisible ink wherever it lands.

This feature is quite helpful for law enforcement, who may need to identify individuals later.

It’s also difficult to get off, making it easy to detect even after washing.

  • Built-in Strobe

Having access to an LED strobe light when investing in a pepper spray gun is important.

Not only does it help you disorient your target, but it can also add visibility in dark environments.

When engaged, you’ll find it’s just as bright as a cellphone flashlight, making it best to use in pitch-black environments.

  • FAA/TSA Approved

Fellow law enforcement officers traveling frequently will be glad to know these defensive sprays have been TSA and FAA-approved.

With that said, it’s always best to double-check the restrictions for your flight before travel.

You will also need to consider purchasing a holster to store it in your luggage safely.

  • Ergonomic Grip Design

If you’re concerned about using a compact pepper spray gun for the first time, you’ll be glad to know this model is easy to use.

With its straightforward pistol-like body, you simply discharge the spray like any regular weapon.

The integrated trigger makes it incredibly easy to control in all situations with its ergonomic grip.

  • Slide-Release Switch

As with any non-lethal and lethal weapon, safety is essential.

The Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED features a slide-release safety switch.

Simply slide your finger along the switch to engage the pepper spray pistol whenever you need to discharge the spray.


  • Canisters are easily switched
  • Impressive accuracy ratings
  • Arrives with practice rounds
  • High-quality OC spray


  • LED light lacks brightness
  • The grip feels slightly hollow

5. Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher

41U6t+CuF4L. SL500

Whether you need a pepper spray gun for work or training, the Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher is a great option.

Its heavy-duty design is one of the better options to consider for long-term use.

Also, it’s from one of the most trusted brands in the pepper spray industry.


Let’s look at all of the great features the Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher brings to the table.

  • Audible and Physical Deterrent

The Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher is unique because it doesn’t use a standard aerosol cartridge to disperse pepper spray.

Instead, it requires projectiles that will be shot at your target.

Each shot is packed to the rim with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) pepper spray, causing significant burning to the facial area.

Another massive benefit of this pepper spray gun is its audible deterrent to attackers.

When deployed, the projectiles make an incredibly loud bang.

This feature could deter assailants before being hit with pepper spray rounds.

  • Full Defense Kit

Instead of buying an ordinary pepper spray gun, this model comes with a full self-defense kit.

You’ll have the pepper spray launcher and seven red pepper projectiles.

The kit includes 14 practice rounds, two CO2 refill canisters, a magazine, and a practice target.

For safety features, you’ll receive a lockable hard storage case and a manual that walks you through the ins and outs of the weapon.

You must use the lockable storage case to keep the spray launcher away from children and pets.

  • Portable

Although the Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher is slightly larger than your average container, it’s still portable.

You’ll find it fits easily within your patrol bag, making it quickly accessible.

Alternatively, you can purchase a holster to keep the strong formula on your belt while on patrol.

With its comfortable design, it’s easy to use and fits in both large and small hands alike.

Also, its convenient grip makes it easy to discharge in all conditions, even if it’s raining.

Not to mention it’s the ideal solution for law enforcement who regularly travel with compact pepper spray.

  • Long-Range Personal Safety

As the Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher uses projectiles, you can guarantee it shoots considerably further than normal pepper spray.

Each OC spray projectile will be accurate up to 66 feet away, and they will break on impact, making them perfect for long-range safety.

The red pepper powder will spread all over the assailant, causing significant respiratory and visual distress.

  • Lightweight

There’s no doubt this pepper spray launcher looks similar to a standard gun.

However, it’s designed to be portable and lightweight.

You can easily clip it to your belt or keep it in your gear bag for easy access while on or off duty.

Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about recoil with its lightweight design and reduced possibility for blowback.

  • Easily Accessible Refill Kits

Once you’ve worked through the live cartridges with your new pepper spray gun, getting replacements is simple.

SABRE carries an extensive list of cartridges, ranging from pepper projectiles to training projectiles.


  • Shoots at an incredible velocity
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Incredibly accurate non-lethal self-defense
  • Pepper projectiles cause considerable pain


  • Some projectiles may burst in the packaging
  • The CO2 canister needs tightening

My Top Recommendation

The Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal PepperBlaster II is the best pepper spray gun because of its high-powered shooting.

With a new canister of pepper spray, you can reach targets at a safe distance with plenty of power, thanks to its dual nozzles.

Also, it has a straightforward design, making it quick to use in split-second situations.

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