Best Concealed Carry Magazine Holders of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best concealed carry magazine holder has made a whole world of difference for me on and off-duty.

With the ability to carry ammo in a comfortable and convenient location, I’m always prepared for any situation.

There are plenty of magazine pouches I’ve tested in the past, including these five unique options.

Comparison Chart

AIKATE Universal Magazine IWB Pouch
TACwolf 2 Pack IWB Inside Waistband Pistol Handgun Magazine Holster
Anjilu Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip Concealed Carry Mag Holder
ProCase 2 Pack Universal Magazine Holster
AIKATE Universal Double Magazine Pouch

Best Concealed Carry Magazine Holder Reviews

1. AIKATE Universal Magazine IWB Pouch


At first, I had selected the AIKATE Universal Magazine IWB Pouch because it comes in a pack of two.

I quickly realized that it’s a useful tool for S&W, Ruger, Glock, and other ammo types.

It’s a highly versatile option for anyone searching for a low-profile way to carry their ammo.

Product Highlights

One of the primary features I love the most about these pouches is they allow me to draw my weapon without interference.

The hefty metal clip inside allows me to attach the holder to my belt for outdoor activities.

The seamless design ensures there isn’t any printing, so I can quietly carry without any distractions.

These pouches are highly recommended regardless if you’re left or right-handed.

Their ambidextrous design also makes them a fantastic gift for a coworker or partner.

I love how I can carry them in several different ways, whether on my hip, back, or appendix.

The comfortable and soft material feels like it’s made from durable neoprene, keeping the pouches lightweight.

They feel secure against my body, even during extended periods of wear, such as when I go out for my early-morning jog.

All of my spare mags fit perfectly into the slots without the worry of them jostling around or falling out.

I’ve also found the versatility of the magazine holders very impressive.

They work with anything from a Sig Sauer to a Glock 22.

If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, you can also choose to use the holders for other non-lethal defenses.

As a general example, your pepper spray, taser, or a folding knife.


What to Like About It

These holders’ universal design makes them an excellent choice for all of the items you need for protection.

When you latch them onto your belt, they will feel secure, especially if you’re using standard full-size mags.

Fortunately, they fit flat IWB and are very comfortable to wear.

What Not to Like About It

I wouldn’t recommend these mag holders for short magazines since they’ll shuffle around often.

Also, the stitching is a little too tight for extended mags.


  • Universal design
  • Secure onto belts
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flat fit


  • Not for short mags
  • Too tight for extended mags

2. TACwolf IWB Handgun Magazine Holster


Another excellent choice for an IWB magazine holster is the TACwolf model, which also comes with two holsters.

If you need a low-profile and secure option for concealed carry, these are a high-quality choice.

Product Highlights

The neoprene fabric used to create these holsters is their most valuable asset.

It’s a comfortable material that won’t cause chafing and also helps deter sweat.

The sweat-proof material is exceptional for the hottest months of the year and to keep you comfortable.

On the inside of the holders, you’ll find a thin lining of linen, which helps protect your magazines.

The soft material is often preferred to prevent scratching and damage from more heavyweight materials.

I love the secure steel belt clip, which gives me peace of mind that they won’t move once my magazines are secured.

Sliding the holder on and off is easy enough, especially with the durable metal clip’s thickness.

I also enjoy using it on my gun belt rather than my standard dress belt.

I’ve been able to fit most of my magazines into these holders, which speaks to their versatility.

It appears the design is meant for single and double stack magazines, including HK VP9 and Springfield XD/S.


What to Like About It

When you’re wearing the TACwolf IWB Handgun Magazine Holster, it’s completely hidden, which makes it perfect for concealed carry.

I also find the neoprene broke in rather quickly, making it even more comfortable to wear, mostly since it sits low.

If you’re in a situation where you need to draw quickly, the interior material makes the mags easily retrievable.

What Not to Like About It

My largest issue with these holders is that they have low retention, especially with smaller magazines.

Although the interior lining makes retrieving mags smooth, it can also cause smaller ones to slide out inadvertently.


  • Completely hidden
  • Breaks-in quickly
  • Sits low and comfortably
  • Ideal for quick drawing


  • Could have low retention
  • Too soft interior material

3. Anjilu Universal Magazine Holster


I first came across the Anjilu Universal Magazine Holster when searching for a gift for my team.

It comes in a pack of five, so you’ll have plenty of mag holders to take advantage of.

They have a relatively straightforward design with a sleek and stylish appeal.

Product Highlights

When you use these magazine holders for the first time, you’ll love how they’re designed for a fast draw.

It’s a universal holster, which allows you to retrieve your mags effortlessly and quickly.

However, they also offer optimal support if you choose to wear them for outdoor activities like working out.

My favorite feature is the sturdy metal clip, making the holder easy to wear IWB for concealed carry.

Also, the holder’s sleek design makes it easy to hide under your pants with no visible signs of printing.

The soft and comfortable material didn’t irritate my skin, and it feels like premium neoprene, which is highly breathable.

If I have instances where I need to wear my mag holder for extended periods, this is the product I often choose.

It’s the perfect partner for my spare mags, so I can ensure I’m always prepared.

The ambidextrous design is another feature that made it easy to give as a gift since it works anywhere on the body.

I found it to be most useful for my subcompact and full-sized pistol magazines.

I was also able to place it at my back, hip, and appendix without any discomfort.

Like many of the other concealed carry holders, I was able to use it for my non-lethal defenses as well.

My pepper spray, taser, and folding knife all fit into the holder, which only adds to its versatility.


What to Like About It

When I wear the Anjilu Universal Magazine Holster, I find it fits comfortably and snug without being too overbearing.

The materials are very high-quality, reducing the likelihood of rips and tears over time.

It’s easy to clip onto my belt and remove when needed, especially if I need to draw quickly.

What Not to Like About It

If you’re a fan of thick belts, you could be better suited by an alternative mag holder because this model is best for thin materials.

The material is a little rough, which isn’t ideal for people with susceptible skin.


  • Comfortable snug fit
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to clip on and remove
  • Useful for quick-draw


  • The material feels slightly rough
  • Ideal for thin belts

4. ProCase Universal Magazine Holster


I like the ProCase Universal Magazine Holster because of the materials it’s made from, making it ideal for year-round use.

The universal design of the holster is also exceptional for a variety of magazines.

I’ve used it for my Smith & Wesson M&P, Walther PPQ, and an assortment of Glocks.

Product Highlights

The material of the ProCase Universal Magazine Holster is standard for most models.

With neoprene, it sits comfortably against my skin without shifting uncomfortably or causing chafing.

I’ve also found the material to be exceptionally breathable, especially during the summer.

An added benefit to these holders is that they are water-resistant, which I found a significant upgrade.

There’s an exterior layer of 600D Oxford fabric lining to ensure my magazines are protected.

This feature is one of the primary reasons I trust wearing the holders in any weather.

One of the essential features to consider with magazine holsters is their belt clip.

The belt clip on this model secures your waist tightly and is easy to take on and off as needed.

When jogging and doing my morning exercises, I’m able to carry my extra ammo securely.

Some of my friends who have also tried the holster found them to be beneficial for ambidextrous use.

You’ll be able to position the holder anywhere along your belt, whether it be at your waist or your back.

Both left and right-handed shooters can conveniently access their extra mags.

Apart from wearing the holders on my belt, they also fit comfortably into my tactical vest.

It’s a more secure way to store my other items, like small knives and smaller flashlights.


What to Like About It

These extra magazine holders are ideal for a reliable place to keep your standard-size magazines.

I’ve found the material retains its shape efficiently while still concealing my ammo well.

Also, they’re comfortable and breathable, even in the depth of summer.

What Not to Like About It

If you have shorter or compact mags, these holsters aren’t ideal since the magazines can be hard to reach.

You might also find they fit too snugly on your belt, which can make them challenging to remove.


  • Material retains its shape
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Conceals well


  • Inconvenient for short mags
  • Could fit too snugly

5. AIKATE Universal Double Magazine Pouch


I explored the single AIKATE Magazine Pouch earlier, and this product is the perfect companion for tactical use.

The AIKATE Universal Double Magazine Pouch helps you carry twice as much ammo while still offering low-profile concealment.

Product Highlights

The first thing I liked about these holders is how uniquely they’re designed, with a dual magazine pouch per set.

Instead of needing four individual holsters, I had to order two to carry the same amount of ammo.

Both of the pouches are made from high-quality neoprene, offering breathability and comfort.

Even with their larger size, I noticed minimal signs of printing, perfect for concealed carry.

Also, each pouch comes with two metal clips to ensure the holder is secure on your belt.

I prefer to have the extra storage while I’m on-duty to hold any extra ammo as well as my flashlight or taser.

The holder’s ambidextrous style is excellent regardless of where I want to carry my ammo that day.

I’ve come to enjoy the soft and premium-quality fabric that’s lightweight and prevents chafing over time.

Regardless of how many extra mags I’m carrying, the pouch doesn’t feel like it adds too much weight.

Like the single holders, this double holder is versatile with several different gun magazines.

I’ve found it useful for Beretta ammo, Ruger ammo, and Glock ammo.


What to Like About It

These magazine holders are best for single and doublestack mags since the material forms nicely to the magazines.

You’ll also find they easily attach to your belt, making it easy to take off at the end of the day.

I especially enjoyed using them for shooting class, especially with the universal pouch sizes.

What Not to Like About It

I wouldn’t recommend this holster for OWB because it can be far too cumbersome and challenging to manage.

Also, I noticed it doesn’t have enough stitching reinforcement, which can cause it to fray at the seams.


  • Form to single and double stack mags
  • Attach to belts easily
  • Universal carrying size
  • Comfortable for shooting class


  • Not ideal for OWB
  • Lacks quality stitching

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a magazine holder will require a little research before settling on the right one.

Out of the products I’ve tested, I’ve devised a list of the most important things to consider.

From material to versatility, there are a few key things for you to keep in mind.


The first feature to consider is the material used to make the holder you’re interested in.

I’ve found that the industry standard is neoprene, which is durable, rugged, and comfortable to wear.

Neoprene allows you to have optimal breathability as well, which reduces the likelihood of sweating and chafing.

It’s crucial to find a material that won’t cause skin irritation, especially if you’re wearing the holder IWB.

Another important part of choosing a material is to make sure your magazines are protected while stored.

Some concealed magazine pouches have a soft interior lining to prevent scratches and add an extra layer of protection.

I would also recommend finding a concealed pistol magazine holder that’s waterproof.

As you sweat or if it rains, you can ensure your magazine has even more protection, giving you peace of mind.


Every officer has a specific way that they prefer to hold their extra ammo.

Some like having it on their left or right-hand side, while some prefer it at their backs or hips.

You’ll need to find concealed magazine pouches that allow for heightened adjustability.

I’ve found that the vast majority of designs are ambidextrous and comfortable for full-body wear.

Any bulky models for concealed carry are convenient to put into my tactical vest for extra storage.

When worn, you should be able to find the ideal placement for the lowest likelihood of printing.


A concealed magazine holder is beneficial for ammo, but they’re even more convenient for other items.

I’ve used mine for other equipment, such as small to midsize flashlights, tasers, and folding knives.

The versatility that they offer can be exceptional for keeping your gear organized and low-profile when worn.

Ideally, you want a design that’s sleek and slim with high retention to keep your gear secure.

Otherwise, you’ll only be able to use it for specific types of ammo, which limits its ease of use.


A feature I didn’t consider at first was the size of the magazine holder.

Most models have the same size, although there are specialty options to consider depending on magazine size.

My full-size mags easily slid into most standard options, but my subcompact mags required a smaller holder for easy access.

It’s also important to consider your longer mags when shopping for an ammo holder.

You’ll need a pouch that keeps them secure without the chance of them accidentally falling out.


Finding a concealed pistol magazine holder with a warranty is imperative.

I’ve worn mine nearly every day since first buying it, so you’ll want to make sure you can return it if there are defects.

It’s essential to inspect it daily, ensuring the materials don’t have any wear and tear signs.

Also, ensure the warranty covers damage from regular use, providing you can get a replacement if necessary.

Fortunately, most of my ammo pouches weren’t exceptionally expensive, but having a warranty gives me extra coverage.

Best Concealed Carry Magazine Holder FAQs

1. What Can Magazine Holders Be Used For?

You can use magazine holders for many things, including spare ammunition.

The majority of these items are versatile enough to be paired with pepper spray, tasers, and folding knives.

You’ll also like using them on your tac vests for extra storage options to keep your gear organized.

2. How to Stretch Magazine Pouches?

The best way to stretch magazine pouches is to allow the material to form in your magazines naturally.

If you have extra ammo that you don’t often use, place it into the pouch on your concealed magazine holder.

Allow the material to work itself around the metal casing over time for a more custom fit.

3. How to Carry Extra Magazine Concealed?

The best way I’ve learned to carry an extra magazine with concealed carry is with a magazine holder.

It’s comfortable to wear on my belt and sit flat against my appendix, hip, or back.

4. How to Make a Magazine Pouch?

Making your own magazine pouch is possible but not recommended since it won’t be as durable as you’d expect.

It’s often better to spend a few dollars on a professionally-made product for your safety and ease of use.

Specialized designs ensure your mags are held when you’re running, working out, or at the range.

5. What Is the Best Ammo for Concealed Carry?

Fortunately, the majority of magazine pouches are designed for multiple types of ammo.

I’ve found they’ve worked well with short, standard, and long mags from an assortment of manufacturers.

My Final Recommendation

I’ve found the ProCase Universal Magazine Holster to be the best concealed carry magazine holder for many reasons.

It has high-quality materials that protect my mags’ integrity while also being easy to use in wary situations.

When worn IWB, it fits flat with limited printing and doesn’t cause chafing or discomfort, even if I’m sweating.

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