Best Chained Handcuffs of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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I often prefer the best chained handcuffs due to their increased level of mobility.

With their popularity, I’ve looked into plenty of models, each with unique features.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top choices for safely restraining subjects.

Comparison Chart

Smith and Wesson Model 100M Melonite Finish Handcuffs
Under Control Tactical Best Real Law Enforcement Hand Cuffs
VIPERTEK Double Lock Steel Police Edition Professional Grade Handcuffs
Szco Supplies Chain Handcuffs
Ace Martial Arts Supply Heavy Duty Black Hinged Handcuffs

Best Chained Handcuffs Reviews

1. Smith & Wesson Model 100 Police Issue Cuffs


I’ve found that Smith & Wesson cuffs are one of the best handcuffs for law enforcement.

I like them because they have a sleek and stylish appeal without compromising durability and reliability.

The Model 100s are one of the best-selling S&W options on the market, and for a good reason.


At first, I didn’t realize that the Model 100s were one of the first handcuffs designed by Smith & Wesson.

Their high-quality modernized appeal adds a new look to your uniform without sticking out like a sore thumb.

They are made from some of the highest-quality materials you can get your hands on.

These cuffs are made primarily of carbon steel, which adds exceptional durability and resistance.

Also, there are internal heat-treated internal components, which significantly reduces the likelihood of picking and tampering.

You’ll appreciate how resistant these cuffs are to rust, corrosion, and scratches.

One of my favorite features is the smooth ratcheting, which makes it easy to secure quickly.

Also, the double locks are optimal for eliminating the chance of lock tampering.

For your safety, the Model 100s have been thoroughly tested and meet highly demanding standards.

They are approved by the United States National Institute of Justice regarding corrosion, strength, and tamper resistance.

The double spring locking mechanism is very satisfying, a part of the patented S&W dual locking system.

Also, you’ll receive two keys designed specifically for these cuffs.


  • Never rust when maintained
  • Excellent construction
  • Reliable for LEOs
  • Professional-level double locks


  • Could arrive with signs of use
  • Require regular maintenance

2. Under Control Tactical Handcuffs


The Under Control Tactical Handcuffs comes at a lesser cost than a big name brand like Smith & Wesson.

With that said, I’ve found that these cuffs pass most of my tests with flying colors, making them the best handcuffs for police.

They have a professional design but are easy for beginners to use and work well as a first choice pair of cuffs.


Upon your first use, you can quickly tell that these handcuffs are designed to handle any life or death situations.

They’re one of the cuff types that you can rely on to restrain combative suspects without second-guessing.

Their durability is outstanding since they’re made from heavy-duty forged steel.

When locked, your suspects will have limited mobility, ensuring they’re 100% secure.

I also found that they have an impressive double locking system that prevents inadvertent ratcheting.

If you need a pair of cuffs that are tamper-proof, they are one of the near-perfect sets.

There’s a black powder-coating finish, which helps ward off rust and corrosion.

I’ve found they are straightforward to sanitize, and when maintained adequately with cuff oil, they withstand plenty of abuse.

Out of most of my cuffs, these are among the pairs that have undoubtedly lasted the longest.

The matte finish helps reduce reflections while also providing a sleek and professional appeal.

They have a more severe style than shiny silver cuffs.


  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Ideal for a quick restraint
  • High-quality steel construction


  • Opposite keyways
  • Thinner than expected

3. VIPERTEK Double Lock Steel Police Handcuffs


VIPERTEK has quickly become one of the best handcuffs for law enforcement.

With their impressive attention to detail, you can own professional-grade cuffs that are affordable.

They’re also an excellent option for officers who prefer shiny metal cuffs compared to matte.


The first feature that caught my eye was that these cuffs are advertised as professional-grade.

They have all of the features you would expect from some of the best handcuffs for police.

I love the double locking mechanism as well as the welded steel near the chain links.

One of my largest concerns with chain cuffs is that low-quality pairs are too easy for subjects to break out of.

These, on the other hand, are highly dependable since they have reinforced links.

The double locking mechanism reduces the likelihood of ratcheting and ensures suspects can’t tamper with the locks.

An added benefit is that the included keys are standard police size, making them adaptable to most brands.

If you own Peerless, Hiatt’s, and Smith and Wesson, the keys are likely to work across the board.

Considering I typically carry two cuffs while patrolling, having one set of universal keys is convenient.

The body is made from heavy-duty solid steel, which is expected with most types of cuffs.

They also feature a shiny silver finish crafted from high-quality nickel.

Over time, you’re likely to see fewer signs of wear and tear, such as scratching and corrosion.


  • Easily fits into most cases
  • Useful as a backup set
  • Versatile key selection
  • Convenient for training


  • Can be manipulated when open
  • Might be challenging to lock

4. Szco Supplies Chain Handcuffs


Unlike hinged handcuffs, the Szco Supplies Chain Handcuffs offers slightly more mobility while keeping suspects secure.

Law enforcement will appreciate the durable design of this set as well as their professional styling.

There are a few unique features to consider, allowing you to keep yourself safe while on the job.


Adjustable handcuffs are particularly useful for dealing with an assortment of suspects from teens to adults.

The overall length is approximately eight inches, and you can ratchet them as tight as needed.

There are two keys included with every order that allows for smooth locking and opening.

Like most of the high-end cuffs, these are made from steel and have a protective coating.

The protective treatment helps to prevent rust and corrosion, especially if your gear is exposed to rain.

This feature is essential for any police officer searching for cuffs designed to last several years without signs of wear.

I love how once these cuffs are secure on a suspect, they don’t shift or ratchet inadvertently.

The double-locking mechanism ensures they stay at the position they’re set at for the suspect’s safety.

Also, it allows me to subdue subjects when making quick arrests safely.

A concern with some law enforcement officers and chained cuffs is their breakability.

Fortunately, the Szco Supplies Chain Handcuffs are designed with welded chain links, which add to their durability.

The reinforced chain links are ideal for efficient cuffing with a single-strand action.

It’s important to note these handcuffs’ versatility, as officers and security guards can use them on-duty and for training.

Military personnel, police, and security professionals can rely on the cuffs’ innovative design for everyday use.


  • Double-locking mechanism
  • High-quality steel
  • Coated with anti-rust treatment
  • Smooth ratcheting


  • Require maintenance
  • Undersized locking ratchet

5. Ace Martial Arts Supply Heavy Duty Black Hinged Handcuffs

These cuffs come with everything you would expect from a high-quality set for police.

The seamless design of the Ace Martial Arts Supply Heavy Duty Black Hinged Handcuffs offers professional-quality features.

Their heavy-duty design is essential for quickly and safely detaining suspects in tense situations.


The Ace Martial Arts Supply Heavy Duty Black Hinged Handcuffs is ideal for professional law enforcement officers.

You’ll find they have a unique style with their all-black exterior that keeps them stealthy for quick arrests.

Their construction is primarily from steel, one of the highest grade materials you can find for cuffs.

Each pair you order comes with a new set of keys, which is convenient, as you have a spare for backup.

Alternatively, departments can place bulk orders and keep spares behind for their officers.

The appealing packaging the cuffs come in makes them an excellent gift for any enforcement professional.

In addition to the spectacular steel cuffs, you also receive a nylon case holster, which is unique.

Most of the higher-end cuffs require you to purchase a holster separately for an additional cost.

In regards to detaining suspects, you’re bound to love the double-lock mechanism for extra security.

Once my suspects are in the cuffs, I don’t have to worry about them ratcheting the cuffs tighter.

Also, I can guarantee my detainees’ safety, as the cuffs won’t tighten on their own. For my safety, double-lock mechanisms are near-impossible to tamper with.

The short hinge on the Ace Martial Arts Supply Heavy Duty Black Hinged Handcuffs gives you peace of mind.

There will be minimal mobility, so whether you’re doing a street arrest or prisoner transport, detainees are secure.


  • Handle plenty of abuse
  • Easy to keep subjects detained
  • Allows for proper control techniques
  • Easily paired with chained cuffs


  • Double-lock might malfunction over time
  • Not as adjustable as other cuffs


The Smith & Wesson Model 100 Police Issue Cuffs are the best chained handcuffs for law enforcement officers.

Its exceptional build quality and ease of use make it one of my go-to options.

As with any cuffs, it must be regularly cleaned and oiled to prevent rusting.

Interested in learning more about handcuffs? Be sure to check out our article about the different types of handcuffs.