How To Get Rid of Smelly Feet Fast [I Eliminated My Foot Odor Problem in 2 Days]

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As a police officer, I wear boots every day and as a result, I struggled with smelly feet for years.

Until one day when I found a solution that actually works

In fact: 

I got rid of foot odor completely – almost overnight!


Let’s check it out:

The Daily Struggle with Smelly Feet 

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you’re struggling with stinky feet. It’s a common problem among police officers; you come home from work, take off your shoes, and the smell instantly permeates the room. 

Even when you wear regular sneakers on the weekends, your feet stink. Your shoes stink, your socks stink, everything below the ankle STINKS. You don’t even dare think about taking your shoes off on an airplane or in a car. 

You wash your feet in the morning and the evening, you change socks several times a day but nothing seems to work…

Does this sound familiar?

This was my exact problem and luckily, I’ve found a solution that works.

The solution is Hibiscrub. Hibiscrub is an antimicrobial skin cleanser. It contains chlorhexidine gluconate which kills germs on the skin. That makes it a very effective foot odor eliminator.

Why do your feet smell bad in the first place?

You wear tight boots all day long while working as a police officer (or in the military). The boot doesn’t let moisture from your sweat escape effectively, making a great environment for bacteria. Bacteria is the main cause for people struggling with smelly feet. 

Note: there could also be some other medical conditions that cause foot odor but that’s not what I’m talking about here. If you think you have a medical condition causing your smelly feet, you should consult your doctor.

How to get rid of smelly feet – permanently!

Hibiscrub is your answer on how to get rid of smelly feet
How to get rid of smelly feet – Hibiscrub, maybe the best foot odor eliminator

At the risk of sounding like a salesman, you have to get the Hibiscrub Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser. It’s fantastic and works wonders for me!

Hibiscrub doesn’t just cover the smell like a regular foot odor spray. It completely eliminate the problem.

This is how I got rid of my stinky feet:

Step #1

Wash your feet with regular soap.

Step #2

Apply Hibiscrub on your feet and let it work for a few minutes.

Step #3

Rinse the Hibiscrub off your feet.

Step #4

Dry your feet.

Step #5

Repeat every morning and evening for about a week or so.

The smell will most likely be gone after the first use. Or at least it will be less prominent.

For me, the smell was gone after the first use but I continued using Hibiscrub for a week just to be sure.

Now I use Hibiscrub to keep my feet from smelling again.

If this tip doesn’t help, you should consult your doctor to see if there’s a medical reason for the smell.

When checking the customer reviews on Amazon it becomes clear that it works.

People are calling it a “Life Saver!” and writes “Finally, something that works!” and “One of the only products I can honestly say changed my life”

This procedure is also approved by the UK National Health System.

Be proactive: How to prevent smelly feet

Carpe Antiperspirant - Prevents foot odor effectively
Carpe Antiperspirant – Prevents foot odor effectively

Below are a few tips to keep your feet from smelling in the first place.

After doing the above steps, I performed the following actions to ensure my feet don’t stink again:

  • I wash my feet with regular soap each time I shower
  • I use antiperspirant spray on my feet when I know I’m going to wear tight shoes for a long time
  • I use Hibiscrub sporadically. And I keep my toenails trimmed.

These easy actions have helped me cure my problem with smelly feet and relieved a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety!

The antiperspirant I use is great and I highly recommend it: Carpe Antiperspirant

Some other general foot care practices are:

  • Ensure your feet are clean and dry.
  • Change your socks every day.
Get Rid of Smell in Shoes
Get Rid of Smell in Shoes
  • Use socks made of wool or cotton as they help prevent odors from forming.
  • Whenever possible, wear shoes that are not too tight.
  • Clip your toenails and remove calluses and excess skin.
  • Get a pedicure – your feet will thank you for it!
  • Use an antiperspirant spray on your feet.
  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day. Have at least two pairs of shoes and rotate them every other day.

When you’ve rid your feet of the smell, your shoes will soon follow.

In conclusion

I hope this article helps you in your fight against smelly feet. I also hope it saves your police colleagues from unbearable suffering every time you remove your shoes in the locker room! I’m absolutely sure it will, as long as you follow the steps I’ve provided.

Take action – get rid of foot odor now!

You’ll find Hibiscrub at here

And you’ll find the Carpe antiperspirant here.

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