What type of guns do cops use – 4 great examples

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Over the decades, cops and their trusted firearms have remained inextricably linked. Handguns, particularly in emergency scenarios, tip the scales in favor of the cops.

When lives are on the line, cops have to use their police training and police equipment (like pistols) to stop the threat.

As such, police officers must have firearms capable of efficiently neutralizing offenders.

At this point, you might be wondering what type of guns do cops use?

Police guns are not as diverse as those carried by citizens for self-defense.

It is usually due to the need for police to select a high-performing cartridge — usually .45 ACP, 40 S&W, or 9 mm.

The gun is a police officer’s lifeline.

It must be sufficiently potent to stop criminals while being accurate enough for officers to hit their targets.

The quality of their weapons can mean the difference between returning to work the next day or losing their lives in the line of duty.

Therefore, a police department must choose the ‘most appropriate’ guns for law enforcement officers.

Here are a few of the most popular brands:

Picture of a police officer with a gun in the belt. What type of guns do cops use?
What type of guns do cops use?

A Standard Issue Handgun Is a Good Place to Start

Law enforcement in the United States faces a unique challenge:

Preserving peace in a country with an estimated 300 million weapons in circulation.

Law-abiding persons own the vast majority. However, a significant proportion is owned by criminals as well.

A duty weapon must be comfortable to use and carry.

It has to effectively match the capability of the vast majority of criminals.

The best police guns can meet these requirements.

Handguns are used in roughly 93 percent of gun killings in the United States.

Criminals prefer handguns because they are concealable and threatening.

As such, a police officer rarely requires more than a handgun to match a criminal’s firepower.

A standard-issue handgun is the best choice, equipping police officers with firepower that can neutralize criminals.

Benefits of using a standard-issue handgun:

You achieve weapon consistency with a standard-issue handgun, which improves efficiency.

You only need to stock a few required parts for a single type or system of weapon. It also enables them to focus on perfecting that platform.

Repairs complete faster, hurry the process, and save time and money.

A standard-issue handgun is also more efficient due to training.

Using the same kind of firearm, officers have an easier time training. They may focus more on strategies and skills rather than learning the complexities of each gun model.

Interoperability is also a key consideration in standardization.

It’s convenient to switch magazines or parts on the go if the need arises.

What Are The Best Guns For Police Officers Today?

The answer is subjective and will depend on the type of criminals the police officers in an area face.

More specifically, it will depend on the type of weapons the criminals carry and own. As mentioned, most criminals in the U.S. prefer to use handguns when committing a crime.

Therefore, handguns are the choice most police departments in the U.S. provide to their law enforcement officers.

The following police guns as the most popular guns used by police officers in the U.S. today.

There are several brands to choose from. Here are 4 of the most used ones:

1. Glock

Glock comes to mind when most people think about a police officer with a gun.

It has been the most used handgun by police officers since the 1980s.

A major reason Glock is a hit amongst police officers is that it has a lightweight body.

The Glock handgun shines in terms of adaptability and durability. Besides its lightweight construction.

Some refer to it as a “plastic toy pistol”.

Yet, the polymer-based Glock has shown to be quite durable.

It can withstand a lot of fire without jamming. It requires very little maintenance and withstands a lot of abuse. It’s also simple to clean and maintain.

But, most importantly, the Glock handgun provides excellent precision.

The ability to shoot the.40 S&W bullet is another benefit of the gun for police officers.

Many ballistics experts say that this gun, in the form used by law enforcement officials, is the finest choice for stopping power, precision, and ease of use.

For all these reasons, the Glock handgun is a worthy partner for officers in any situation, whether it’s a burglary or a chase of a stolen thief.

Glock website

Police gun and ammunition
A Glock on top of ammunition

2. Sig Sauer

The previous M9 producer Beretta, FN, and Glock lost to Sig’s P320 design to replace the U.S. Army’s sidearm.

Many police departments have chosen Sig Sauer because of the military endorsement.

The model P320 has gotten a lot of attention since its Army launch.

But you’ll find other models from Sig Sauer, such as P229, P227, and P226, in several police departments across the country.

The most popular handgun for police officers is the Sig Sauer P226. It comes with 15 rounds, more than its predecessor, the P220. It also has a longer barrel, which improves accuracy.

Furthermore, the P226 has an ambidextrous handle. It permits left-handed law enforcement officers to carry the gun without modifying their grip.

Another popular Sig Sauer gun is the P229. It’s the preferred handgun for Secret Service operatives.

Sig Sauer website

3. Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson handguns are as American as pumpkin pie.

The company is the oldest on this list, established in 1852.

Smith & Wesson made handguns during the American Civil War to last.

The brand is still associated with the phrase “Go ahead, make my day.”

Although modern handguns have almost completely replaced revolvers in police departments, several jurisdictions have grandfathered antique versions, keeping wheel guns in service.

Smith & Wesson is ahead of the curve.

They provide a semi-automatic, striker-fired handgun.

This is in the shape of the M&P – Military and Police model of several law enforcement agencies.

The entire L.A. police force adopted the Military & Police (M&P) 9 in 2013. The M&P 9, made by Smith & Wesson, quickly became a favorite.

Its customizing options were a hit with the cops.

Under the muzzle of the weapon is a Picatinny rail. Users can now clip in their other gadgets. Laser lights and flashlights are just a few of the accessories available.

The M&P 9 allows for some significant improvements when it comes to safety. For example, officers can install the loaded chamber indication to prevent any unintentional shooting.

Smith and Wesson website

4. Heckler & Koch

“No Compromises!” is the slogan of Heckler and Koch handgun makers in Germany.

Due to this slogan and the fact that H&K is a household name, it’s no surprise that they made this list of the most popular guns used by police officers.

H&K was created in 1948 by three former Mauser technicians, and in 1970, they created the Volkspistole VP/70, the first polymer-framed handgun.

With one of the biggest arms deals in U.S. history, it’s no surprise that the VP9, USP, and P2000 have made their way into the hands of police officers all across the country. One such example is the HK45 handgun.

Today, many police departments use the HK45 handgun because it has no drawbacks in design and performance.

Its design provides the user with adaptability and power. The weapon was designed with the military in mind. As a result, it provides strength, precision, and longevity.

The HK45, like the M&P 9, has a variety of customization options. For example, officers can attach the gun with silencers and laser lights during operations to improve outcomes.

Heckler & Kock website

The Final Word – What type of guns do cops use

Are you considering a career in law enforcement?

Then you should know about these four police guns.

They are excellent for police officers and do a good job of keeping them safe.

Guns are often needed to ensure you don’t end up in a corner during a critical situation. With the right police gun (and training) in hand, you need to be careful and shoot straight.

Regardless of what gun you carry as a police officer, you have to learn how to use your weapon skillfully.